The great energy shift

Our team helps you get clarity on the energy transition

We are in the middle of an energy transition which will fundamentally shape not just the energy system but the broader world around it. The energy market is more dynamic than ever before and brings with it massive disruption and uncertainty as to how things will play out.

This huge shift will have sweeping impacts at all levels, whether it’s individual, local, national, or global. Our clients, therefore, include energy players as well as governments, financial institutions and car manufacturers, to name a few. We have developed the GEP to help our clients recognize and address the implications of the energy transition—and make the right decisions at the right time.

To create this granular model, which covers 145 countries, 28 sub-sectors, and 55 fuels, we drew on our unparalleled global network of industry experts and sector-specific proprietary methodologies to create a million-plus data points as the basis for our reference case.

We are a dedicated and diverse team of analysts, data scientists, consultants, and content experts from McKinsey Energy Insights based in five hubs—Amsterdam, Houston, London, Singapore, and Warsaw. We are passionate about helping our clients overcome their most critical challenges.

Meet our leadership

Christer Tryggestad

Senior Partner

Namit Sharma


Ole Rolser

Associate Partner
Global Energy Perspective

Bram Smeets

Associate Partner
Head of Content
Global Energy Perspective

Jasper van de Staaij

Solution Manager
Head of Product
Global Energy Perspective

Find out more about all the insights and forecasts in our
Global Energy Perspective 2018


Global Energy Perspective 2018

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