About the GEP model

Our Global Energy Perspective is based on a bottom-up energy demand model, projecting the evolution of energy systems by country (for 145 countries), by sector (for 28 sectors), and by fuel (for 55 energy types). For each sector and country, a detailed methodology defines how fundamental drivers such as economic growth and population expansion, and key developments such as efficiency improvements and fuel shifts drive the evolution of energy demand.

In our projections, we bring together the views of hundreds of McKinsey experts worldwide, with deep expertise across the broad range of sectors and geographies that are included in our perspective. Moreover, our outlook is part of an integrated perspective that also includes supply side views, closely aligned with specialist teams within McKinsey Energy Insights.

The GEP model is accessible online, providing transparency on the many inputs and assumptions that are underlying our perspective. In an energy landscape that is evolving rapidly, this objective fact base helps our clients around the world to establish, expand, and refine their views on key developments and their implications.

In our GEP web app, you can access the McKinsey perspectives on the future of energy demand yourself.

Demo video

Get a glimpse of the GEP web solution, available as of Jan 1, 2018.

Key features

Highly granular coverage

Access our bottom-up long-term forecasts until 2050, across 145 countries, 28 sectors, and 55 fuels

Bottom-up, fact-based methodology

Enable your data-based decision-making through fully transparent demand drivers that can be customized

Bespoke scenarios

Compare and modify existing scenarios, or model your own outlook based on your assumptions

Integrated perspective

Get an exclusive outlook based on McKinsey’s global and local knowledge integrated into a proprietary perspective


Visit our Insights by Sector pages to learn more about our sector capabilities and the latest findings for Transport, Building, Industry, and Power.


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Global Energy Perspective 2018


Global Energy Perspective 2018

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